The Power of Rituals, 2021

I began writing this book during the pandemic, at a time when we didn’t quite know what was coming. Later I realized that this book came at the right time.
The pandemic greatly affected the Portuguese people, regarding stress, tiredness, fear and lack of sleep (amongst others) and this had a big impact in our mind, in our body and, thereafter, in our eating habits. In this book, you will find small steps, which you can and should take on your daily life, and that will help you to face your fears and insecurities by channelling your energy into positive things.
The Power of Rituals explains how each person can find his/her biotype and, in this way, create a customized plan with rituals and exercises capable of restoring sleep, managing accumulated stress, tiredness and anxiety, and ending toxic thoughts.
It is a truly transforming journey which allows us to achieve self-knowledge in order to let go of everything that harms us.
They are small gestures which can bring great changes to your wellbeing and health.

Perfect Balance, 2019

Every one of us, women, play several roles throughout our lives.
Throughout my clinical practice, I have followed, and I follow on a daily basis, many women (and men, of course!), many cases and many health problems. In this way, I wrote this book with the purpose of being practical, a bedside book to consult throughout our life.
I selected 10 disturbances mainly suffered by females, which are, probably, the most common ones that I see in my clinic. I tried to frame each one of them, to clearly explain the symptoms and the causes, and to offer a set of transversal solutions,
which enable an effective balance between body, mind and spirit.
Diet, yoga, physical exercise, the holy hours of sleep, meditation and crystals bring me tranquillity and a truthful peace of mind. So, this is also a book of sharing. So, this is also a book of sharing.
May it be a good starting point for us to take this path together.

Eating Without Guilt, 2018

This book arose, first of all, from a great demand by my patients, who were waiting for a recipe book for a long time, but also from the need that I felt, as a woman and as a mother, for a book of practical, quick and, above all, healthy recipes. I soon realized that our general wellbeing and the maintenance of our health are specially related with the way that we treat and feed our organism. However, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so you don’t need to radically change your diet overnight. It is enough to change one thing each day and, above all, keep in mind that the main goal of this change is the balance of body and mind.
This book gathers around 90 recipes (first courses, soups, main courses, drinks and deserts) that I saw or tried somewhere and then tested several times and adapted with “good” ingredients. The idea is to present practical, tasty, quick and healthy recipes.
And keep in mind that it is not mandatory to consume only organic products. What really matters is that you make good, healthy and conscious choices.

Healing Without Medication, 2017

Healing Without Medication was my first book and it was dedicated to two very special people, my daughters – Flor and Noa.
This book is based on my clinical experience and also on my experience as a woman and as a mother.
It is a book about prevention, where I share homemade recipes that can help you prevent and solve such common problems as rhinitis, laryngitis, otitis, some types of coughing, eczema, poor circulation, constipation and digestive complications, amongst others.
Chinese Traditional Medicine and Homeopathy can be beneficial to your health in a preventive way, but also in SOS.