Berasap II – Smoky Quartz Silver

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Berasap II – Smoky Quartz Silver

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Considered the crystal of strength, smoky quartz work as an amulet to ensure tranquility and well-being throughout the day. It energies have the ability to stimulate our attitude to to let go everything that conditions us. It is a true balancer of energies, whether emotional or physical.
Meditating with your smoked quartz around your neck will allow you to organize your thoughts and help you take decisions.

Balance of emotions;
Encourages positivism;
It takes away the confusion in the mind;
Stimulates the correct functioning of the digestive system;
Stimulates fertility;
Relieves in case of migraines;

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Product Details:
52 cm – Silver
Smoky Quartz

How to clean your crystal?
Place your crystal under running water (with a few rocks of salt) or immerse it in the sea.

How to energize?
At least once a month, let your crystal receive the first rays of sunlight to clear the energies, but only for 30 minutes.

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