Black Tourmaline II – For protection

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Black Tourmaline II – For protection

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Black Tourmaline is the crystal of protection. It has the power to act as a shield to protect you from unwanted energies It drives away toxic thoughts to help us think more rationally.

This crystal has the power to transform negative energies into lighter energies.


Reduces anxiety and stress;

Elevates self-confidence;

Helps in the correct functioning of the immune system;

Has the ability to block negative energies;

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Product Details:

Black Tourmaline

Silver – 48 cm

How to clean your crystal?

Place your crystal under running water (with a few rocks of salt) or immerse it in the sea.

How to energize?

At least once a month, let your crystal receive the first rays of sunlight to clear the energies, but only for 30 minutes.

As it is an energy stone, it needs to be periodically energized.

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