Cyanite Long

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Cyanite Long

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Known as the stone of spiritual protection,Cyanite is able to block negative energies. It works as an amulet that guarantees us the feeling of protection.

Despite absorbing negative energy, it has the ability to transform it.

The energy of Cyanite stimulates and awakens intuition, motivation and determination.

It is a stone to carry with us always to increase the good energy around us.

If you have sleep problems, try putting your cyanite under your pillow.


Expands our strength;

Strengthens intuition;

Drives away negative energies;

Promotes the feeling of inner peace;

Has the ability to block negative energies;

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Gold plated silver – 70 cm

How to clean your crystal?

As it is quite fragile, the best thing is to bury your cyanite in the dry land or smoke it with natural incense, paolo santo or white sage

How to energize?

Blue Cyanite is one of the few stones that does not need to accumulate negative energy and therefore does not need to be energized but due to the power of its energies it can even be used to clean and energize other stones.

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