Lepidolite – For the emotions

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Lepidolite – For the emotions

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Lepidolite is known as the stone of balance and peace, due to its properties that promote emotional calm and help to reduce anxiety and stress.

The Black Tourmaline, with its high energetic power, blocks spiritual attacks and eliminates negative energies.

Scapular characteristics:

Promotes emotional balance;

Promotes inner peace;

Helps you achieve professional success;

Decreases anxiety and stress;

Attracts good luck;

Helps to overcome sadness;

Keeps away the negativity;

Increases self-confidence;

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Product Details:

Lepidolite & Black Tourmaline

Pendant (front): Lepidolite

Cyanite & Black Tourmaline

Gold plated silver – 52 cm

How to clean your crystal?

Place your crystal under running water (with a few rocks of salt) or immerse it in the sea.

How to energize?

At least once a month, let your crystal receive the first rays of sunlight to clear the energies, but only for 30 minutes.

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