An Shen Ding Zhi Wan (Mind Form)

9,90  (Incluído IVA 23%)

Note: Phytotherapy should not be taken without counseling and professional follow-up because all cases are different.
Never exceed the recommended daily dosage.


200 pills

Recommended Daily Dose: 8 to 24 pills

8 pills, three times a day, 15 minutes after the meal.

Ziziphus jujube var seed. spinosa, Polygonum multiflorum stem, Hordeum vulgare fruit, Poria cocos, Ophiopogon japonicus root, Anemone altaica rhizome, Paeonia lactiflora root, Platycladus orientalis seed, Schisandra chinensis fruit, Curcuma wenyujin tuber, Chrysanthemum morifolium flower, Pinellia ternate rhizome, Ziziphus jujube fruit, Polygala tenuifolia root, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root and starch.


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