Pink Tourmaline – For the Self Love

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The Pink Tourmaline is the stone we all want to have around.

It is the stone of love and emotional healing. It is the stone of love and emotional healing. Through it energies, Pink Tourmaline has the ability to attract good things into our lives and also, to attract true love.

Is known as the stone for the release of emotional fears.


Reduces emotional fears;

Helps to improve relationships;

It attracts true love;

Helps to overcome emotional traumas;

Increases the feeling of happiness;

Promotes self-love and inner peace;

Helps to forgive;

Protect the heart;


Product Details:

Pink Tourmaline

Gold plated silver – 52 cm

How to clean your crystal?

Place your crystal under running water (with a few rocks of salt) or immerse it in the sea.

How to energize?

At least once a month, let your crystal receive the first rays of sunlight to clear the energies, but only for 30 minutes.


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