Quartz Crystal II

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Quartz Crystal II

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Quartz Crystal conquers us for its energetic power that allows us to bring out the best in each one.

It is a real amplifier and energy capturer that guarantees us protection whenever we charge it.

The energy of the Quartz Crystal helps to achieve emotional balance and to reduce anxiety and sadness.


Helps to relax the mind;

It encourages intuition and self-confidence;

Amplifies our energy;

Calms the nervous system;

Promotes energy release;

In stock


Product Details:

Crystal Quartz

Silver – 60 cm

How to clean your crystal?

Place your crystal under running water (with a few rocks of salt) or immerse it in the sea.

How to energize?

On a Full Moon or New Moon, let your crystal rest in the moonlight to recharge it energy.

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